Oct 252012

Email in Your Crime Alerts &/or Neighborhood News!

We will post it for others to see!

Tell your neighbors in Northshore about the email and website, please.  We didn’t get to flyer the whole neighborhood, and didn’t get to Waterbury and the streets on that side.

Email: info@northshorenews.org


Oct 212012

At approximately 11:00am today, Raleigh Police were seen blocking off the section of New Hope Church Rd between Pittsford Rd and Saratoga Dr. Officers were seen putting on their kevlar vests, and reviewing documents on the trunks of their cruisers. Possible raid on a nearby residence? If you have any info, please email us at info@northshorenews.org. Thanks!

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Oct 142012

Hi there neighbors!  Thank you for emailing to say you want to be included on the mass email list!  There has been no news sent to us yet about the neighborhood, but let us know if there is!

One neighbor emailed this interesting “food for thought” about social events that the neighborhood can think about:

“There was a small party called “safe night out” (recently) at Ryegate Dr. and Limeric Rd, I thought that was our community, but it’s “Shamrock”, I realized that we are “NorthShore”. Anyway I went to meet them, and (a local man) was the community leader. They told me they are having a Thanksgiving Dinner, and lighting up Christmas Candles on Christmas, that is a wonderful idea!  Or we can meet (the Shamrock community organizer),and combine the event and gathering all together with two communities? “
Do you have any thoughts on social/holiday decorations, events or meetings?
Here are some to ponder and respond via email or phone call to us.  We can post your ideas without your name…
**Holiday meet-n-greet…..Where would we hold it? Someone’s home, driveway or a cul-de-sac/circle (with coffee and warm cider?)…OR, a local coffee shop or eatery like Steak and Shake?
**Monthly meetings rotating houses to just chat, discuss social or crime news?
**Anyone want to decorate the neighborhood?  Cleanup/decorate the Northshore signs?
**Anyone want to have a spring Yard Sale event throughout the neighborhood?  We can advertise via signs and Craigslist, then anyone who needs can set up a yard sale in their driveway….
PLEASE PLEASE respond via email or call.  Thanks!
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Sep 242012

Several Northshore neighbors heard 6-7 gunshots at about 12:30 am in the Pittsford Road/Ryegate area.

Sirens and Ambulances were heard shortly after the shots. As of the evening of 9/25, no word on the news has told the public what happened. One neighbor contacted an officer directly, but his comment was that nothing was recorded as occurring.

If you know of anything, please email: info@northshorenews.org

It seems very important for all of us to know WHERE and WHAT this was!!


Sep 182012

The City of Raleigh Loose Leaf Curbside Collection for 2012-2013 will begin Oct. 1, with a collection training pass for half of the City. The remaining half will receive a pass for training beginning Oct. 15.

Raleigh’s continued growth has necessitated significant changes in the leaf collection program. The City of Raleigh is offering residents several opportunities to have their loose leaves collected and several ways to obtain collection updates. Residents may get program updates by calling the automated “leaf line” at 919-996-3720, tuning in to cable channel 22 or by visiting the City’s website.

Full article HERE.

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